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Retirement To Large, Award-Winning Property Portfolio

Jane and John Mottram chose property investment upon retirement.

Both Jane and John had been successful in their careers. John’s background may have featured the building and property industry, but following property investment training the couple decided to rethink their strategy and build a property empire to be proud of.

We spoke to Jane and John to find out more…

Jane Mottram

Property Investment In Retirement

“John and I started our property journey when I retired at 65,” Jane began, “John was still working and I had always run my own business but in a completely different area. John had always worked in the building trade, or in latter years, in property for a housing association. 

“We attended a few networking events and decided to use Buy-To-Lets (BTLs) as our strategy, so invested in a weekend of training with another provider. During the training we completed our first purchase, but very quickly realised that this strategy would not work at our age and we would possibly be around 110 before it started to make any extra income for us.”


Paul Smith Influence and R2RSA Strategy

Jane continued, “We then spent time attending many seminars and training providers to research other property strategies, but none really appealed. All of this time people kept on telling us to go into serviced accommodation (SA). We knew about Rent to Rent (R2R) as a cashflow method and eventually decided to give it a go.

“We had heard of Touchstone Education and attended a fabulous free weekend seminar where Paul Smith gave most of the training.

“During the weekend John won £500 towards Touchstone’s Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp and so it went on from there.

“We immediately put the training into action and in those days landlords on ‘Open Rent’ would answer your applications to rent their properties. We were fortunate that the first landlord who we spoke to had done SA herself in London and so understood exactly what we were doing. Then, the second landlord was a commercial landlord who built student accommodation. These were both a good break for us and we quickly took on more of their properties and those of other people as well.”

Jane Mottram

Award-Winning, Large Property Portfolio

Jane continued, “We currently have one owned BTL, 18 R2RSA properties (with two more in the pipeline), 4 management opportunities we are setting up, a Lease Option opportunity and several investors who want us to set up SAs for them, and several investors who want to work with us on commercial conversions.

“We are also helping other potential property investors by mentoring them and giving advice to move them forward. We are also being asked for advice on interior design as our properties are never in line with current trend on BDC or ABB and making properties that are unique and boutique is our USP.

“We also won two awards last year – Best Serviced Accommodation in Staffordshire and an award for excellence.”

What Can Touchstone Education

 Do For You?

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