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Learn exactly how to use another landlord’s property to make profit on your own rent every month. Learn how to get involved in Serviced Accommodation or to operate your first HMO without owning ANY property.

If you want to understand what Rent to Rent strategy is, how to do Rent to Rent legally or how to find the landlords who are open to this strategy look no further.

This course will explain how to negotiate the agreement with the Landlord, help you to understand the legalities and contracts needed, how to set up your Rent 2 Rent property and much more…

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Rent to rent

In this course you’ll find out

  • How to make money from property without buying it
  • The types of rent to rent models
  • The rules on mortgages and deposits
  • ​What is the rent to rent agreement
  • How to deal with maintenance issues
  • How to deal with insurance
  • How to avoid illegal sub-letting
  • ​How to make a property more lettable

Following this course you’ll understand how to invest in rent-to-rent, the legals involved and how to get the most out of your property.

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"In my best year, I gained 47 Serviced accommodation units, turning over a total revenue of £1.3 Million, however in recent years this has slowed down​ and I have come to mastermind to re-engage my business and achieve greater numbers than before."
Andy Keech, Property Investor
"Thank you Paul, Anita, and all members of touchstone education including members of this group, for giving so much of your time to help other people including me. I have had an amazing year of learning and growing, all aspects of my life, feeling blessed. Thanks"
Gero Insalac, Property Investor
"The level of training, education, and support in the mastermind is the best I have found. It is straightforward, easy to get your head around, and very actionable."
Piyush Acharya, Property Investor
rent to rent online course

Become A Property Expert With Rent to Rent Strategy

The Rent to Rent Strategy Course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to profit from property without actually owning it. This course covers various aspects of the Rent to Rent strategy, including legalities, negotiation techniques, and property management.

The course will guide you through the process of negotiating agreements with landlords, understanding the legal requirements and contracts involved, and setting up your Rent to Rent property.

 By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and tools to confidently invest in Rent to Rent, maximize your property's potential, and generate consistent rental income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rent to Rent Strategy Course?

The Rent to Rent Strategy Course teaches how to profit from rental properties without owning them. It covers leasing, subletting, legalities, negotiation, property management, maintenance, and maximizing income.

What will I learn?

In the Rent to Rent Strategy Course, you will learn how to generate profits by leasing properties from landlords and subletting them to tenants without actually owning the properties.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for individuals interested in property investment, specifically those looking to generate income from rental properties without the need for property ownership.

Are there any prerequisites?

No, the Rent to Rent Strategy Course requires no previous knowledge or experience. Everyone is welcome to join and how to generate profit from a property they do not own.