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From Overwhelmed Teacher To Property Investment Queen!

Former primary school teacher Helen transformed her life by venturing into property investment with Touchstone Education's Wealth Academy. She sought financial freedom and a better life for her daughter. After taking several courses at the academy, she embarked on a successful property investment journey that led to a projected profit of £375,000 within 18 months. Now a successful entrepreneur with a portfolio of 23 properties and an equestrian facility under development, she has fulfilled her dreams in less than three years. Helen credits her success to the support and mentorship of Touchstone Education and is now a coach herself, inspiring others to achieve their dreams through property investment.

Here's what Helen had to say...

Helen Louise

“Before I ventured into the world of property investment, I was working as a full-time primary school teacher, overwhelmed with the challenges of juggling work and motherhood. The limited income and lack of savings left me frustrated, but I held onto my dreams of living in a country house with land for my horses and exploring the world with my daughter. When I discovered Touchstone Education's Wealth Academy, I saw a glimmer of hope for the future. Motivated by the desire to have more time with my little girl, I joined up and have never looked back.

Studying the serviced accommodation course, rent-to-rent course, and the Wealth Academy at Touchstone Education opened my eyes to a world of possibilities in property investment. I took a leap of faith and embarked on my first project, securing a property in Durham through a creative strategy.

Thanks to Touchstone's support and mentorship, I've transformed into a successful entrepreneur with a portfolio of 23 properties, including rent-to-rent and management properties, and 3 acres of land being developed into an equestrian facility. 

Helen Louise

This success fueled my confidence, leading to my most recent project involving a title split and investor finance for a property with land and a plot. Overcoming challenges and embracing creative solutions, I'm now on track to a projected profit of £375,000 within 18 months.

My success has spurred me on to reach out to drive direct bookings, without being put off by the possibility of a “no”. This approach is having a massive impact on my business - just yesterday, I took £102,000 in direct bookings, meaning I am now fully booked for the next 5 months, as well as negotiating 7-year project and filling a property I haven’t even finished refurbishing yet!

Touchstone Education has been the catalyst for my transformation, providing me with the knowledge, confidence, and support to achieve greatness. I've embraced daily personal development, listening to audiobooks and adopting new routines, which have been instrumental in my growth. I've had the privilege of experiencing business class travel to Dubai and taking helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon – experiences I once thought were out of reach.

My dreams of financial freedom and memorable adventures with my daughter have become a reality, all in less than three years.

Becoming a Certified Touchstone Education Property coach was a natural step for me. I'm passionate about giving back and inspiring others to achieve their dreams through property investment. With the right guidance and support, anyone can unlock their potential and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Looking forward, I'm excited to continue expanding my portfolio, seeking lease options on commercial buildings for apart-hotels, and growing my management company to 60 units. Personal growth and development will remain at the core of my journey as I continue to embrace the opportunities offered by Touchstone Education.

Helen (3)

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