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From Losing Her Personal Training Business Overnight To A Magical Monthly Income Of £6,200 From One Property!

Before the pandemic, Hannah Heidi Chapman was a full-time Personal Trainer reluctant to take any time off because of the lost income it would incur. When she lost her business overnight due to Covid-19, Hannah needed to act quickly. After securing a job in property management, Hannah discovered her passion for property and purchased her first investment property, which she transformed into a magical Witches & Wizards themed holiday let. With the support of Wealth Academy, Hannah is now working on optimising her current business and expanding her portfolio.

Here’s what Hannah had to say...


“Before the pandemic, I was a full time Personal Trainer. I’d been doing this career for 6 years and was very successful in this role. Originally, I set up a personal training studio for a couple of years and then moved on to working out of a specialist bodybuilding gym. I dedicated my own training to enter a bikini/fitness competition I entered in 2019.

“Though I loved my job and was doing well, I was limited in earning potential due to trading my time for money and only having so many hours in the day. I thrive off hard work and am a very determined woman, so rarely treated myself to time off.”


“The curse of being self-employed: not working meant not earning.”

“Working crazy hours and never taking time for myself took a toll on my health and mental well-being, but I was stuck in that cycle. I dreamed of earning while I slept, achieving financial freedom and earning enough money to look after my parents/family. I knew I deserved to be able to live freely, make incredible memories and see this incredible world we live in because we only get one chance to experience it - I just wasn’t sure how to get there yet. 

“When the pandemic happened, I lost my PT business overnight. You’d think that would take me further from my goals, but I was lucky enough to be offered a property management job. Being hyper-organised and having experience in interior design made me perfect for the role. My affinity for working in property made me realise that I could be doing it for myself instead of somebody else, so I bought a property. The terraced house I purchased was in York - a popular place to visit for Harry Potter fans due to the city’s rich history in witches, wizards and ghosts. as well as its famous Shambles and its selection of wizarding-themed shops. Realising that there was a gap in the market for accommodation to match the theme, I got to work transforming the property into a wizarding wonderland.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t just wave a magic wand and have it ready, but I really enjoyed carefully curating everything needed to create the perfect look. After precariously balancing on ladders over stairs to hang floating candles and a lot of hard graft, I’m proud to say that 101 House at the End broke even within the first two months of operating and has now been open for over a year. It has a 93% occupancy rate and a gross income of £6200 a month.”

“It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience; my little business has been featured in local and national newspapers along the way. I’ve also been visited by Abi Hookway and interviewed for Touchstone Education’s Youtube channel, you can watch that video and have a tour of the property below:

You can also see more on my instagram page.

“Currently, I have the next 4 months booked at 100% occupancy rate, which is very exciting.”

What’s next for Hannah?

“My next challenge is to optimise my business and expand. Having gotten by on my intuition and organisation skills so far, I came across Touchstone Education from a Facebook advert and decided to attend an online webinar. Now I have joined Touchstone Education’s Wealth Academy to expand my limited knowledge of property investment and have so far studied the SA Masterclass course, Ltd Company Essentials course, Rent-2-Rent course, Deal Packaging course. I’m currently working through The Basics of Joint Venture Finance course, learning how to get partners for my latest property investment. Through these courses I have learned a lot of valuable information and I’m excited to apply what I have learned to maximise my return on investment going forward.

“My next project is to create another themed Serviced Accommodation but bigger & better! I have already found the ideal property which I have scheduled a viewing for. Considering the success of my first Serviced Accommodation unit, it’s clear that I have the know-how to create another.

The current challenge I face is finding the ideal investor/Joint Venture partner who shares my vision and understanding of this niche market and the incredible earnings it can generate due to its USP.


What would Hannah say to anybody considering joining Touchstone Education?

I’d say it’s been a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals, who are equally passionate about the property industry. Attend one of the free webinars Touchstone offers, to see if the course is for you and if you value what they have to offer!”

What Can Touchstone Education

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