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Full Time Job Frustration To Fully Booked Serviced Accommodation

Alison Trenholme started her property journey around 8 years ago, as she became frustrated in her current employment and saw a pathway to financial freedom through property.

After being inspired by Touchstone Education’s Abi Hookway, she has turned her ambition into a successful property business, spreading her wings across multiple income streams.

We spoke to Alison to find out more...

Alison Trenholme

Humble Beginnings To Multiple Income Streams

Alison told us, “I have a couple of buy to let properties which I’ve had for a number of years and I’ve seen over the years the benefits of owning properties.

“About 8 years ago, my husband and I acquired a commercial property, which we have successfully rented out.

“My knowledge on property was fairly limited and I wanted to understand more about how my property portfolio could be built upon. I’d been feeling frustrated in my current employment and have been looking at ways I could build up a bigger passive income and gradually step outside from my full time job.

“I stumbled upon one of Abi Hookway’s YouTube videos and something resonated with me about it, so I decided it was time to invest in myself and signed up to Touchstone Education.”

Serviced Accommodation Renovation and Success

Alison’s major property project is holiday let, Manor Farm Cottage. Located in the quiet hamlet of Little Thirkleby, the Serviced Accommodation property dates back to 1825 and is a spacious holiday home. Alison describes it as “homely and welcoming, and perfect for relaxing countryside retreats.”

She continued, “My first project (since being with Touchstone) has been a rent to rent Serviced Accommodation property which went live on 1 December 2022.

“I obtained my first booking on 19th December, with the guests arriving on 21st December and staying for 23 nights. Most importantly, the landlord of the property is happy as they are getting a nice, regular income stream and I’m happy at turning the knowledge I’ve gained through Touchstone Education into real income.”

Cosy Cottage Running As An Income Producing Asset

Obtaining the knowledge and preparing the property has taken up time, but it has been rewarding for Alison.

“The challenges have been balancing the time needed to set it up whilst carrying out a full time job! All of my weekends were taken up with either gaining property knowledge or actually changing a very tired property into a business.

“The end result is a cosy country cottage which is now running as an income producing asset, when it had previously stood empty for a year.”

Alison Trenholme

What Can Touchstone Education

 Do For You?

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