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Advanced Course - Property Business Mastery

Master the property market and expand your portfolio with this comprehensive course.

Build Your Property Portfolio Today

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Property Business Mastery

This is for YOU if:

  • You already own one or more rental properties and you know this is the right path for you
  • You have a clear desire to invest in more property and build a portfolio of passive income, but you’re just not sure/don’t know how to go about doing it
  • You have a small property portfolio but recognise it’s been getting by as an unprofessional and unorganised side gig, you want to get professional about it and grow it into a well run profitable business
  • You have reached a point of having a decent income from property and want to grow your portfolio as a full time investor

Following this course you will have a comprehensive knowledge of the opportunities in property and how to improve your portfolio, how to use property to create a passive and full time income and increase the marketing of the portfolio to earn more revenue.

Build Your Property Portfolio Today

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"Thanks to the Touchstone Team. The property leverage course I attended yesterday was packed with valuable info and insight - my note training skills were definitely tested! Such great content and worth every penny!"
Vicki Wonders, Property Investor
"Amazing, amazing, amazing! Valuable, quality and enlightening property training that posesses the potential to change the trajectory of your life. Paul and Aniko Smith and the whole team..... warm friendly and genuine. If you are truly interested and passionate about becoming a property investor, I would highly recommend that you plan to attend a Touchstone summit soon."
Sonia Myles-Macauley, Property Investor
"True valuable property & financial education. You feel at home with the staff and other students at touchstone. I was truly humbled at how easy it was to approach everyone at the training. Paul really gives you in depth nitty gritty information on TRUE property investing & financial knowhow."
Dorian Fontaine, Property Investor
"In my best year, I gained 47 Serviced accommodation units, turning over a total revenue of £1.3 Million, however in recent years this has slowed down​ and I have come to mastermind to re-engage my business and achieve greater numbers than before."
Andy Keech, Property Investor
"Thank you Paul, Anita, and all members of touchstone education including members of this group, for giving so much of your time to help other people including me. I have had an amazing year of learning and growing, all aspects of my life, feeling blessed. Thanks"
Gero Insalaco, Property Investor
"The level of training, education, and support in the mastermind is the best I have found. It is straightforward, easy to get your head around, and very actionable."
Piyush Acharya, Property Investor
Property Business Mastery Online Course

Become A Property Expert With Property Business Mastery

Unleash your property investment potential and conquer the real estate market with the Property Business Mastery Course.

Whether you're a seasoned property owner looking to expand your portfolio or a beginner seeking guidance, this comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and strategies to transform your ventures into thriving and profitable businesses.

Discover lucrative opportunities, enhance your portfolio, generate passive income, and master the art of marketing for increased revenue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Property Business Mastery Course?

The Property Business Mastery Course is a comprehensive programme that empowers individuals to master the property market and build successful property businesses. 

What will I learn?

In the Property Business Mastery Course, you will learn essential skills and strategies to master the property market, including portfolio expansion, passive income generation, effective marketing techniques, identifying lucrative opportunities, optimizing property investments, and achieving long-term success in the real estate industry.

Who should take this course?

The Property Business Mastery Course is ideal for property owners looking to grow their portfolio, aspiring investors seeking guidance in the real estate market, and individuals who want to transform their small property ventures into successful and profitable businesses.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no necessary prerequisites for taking the Property Business Mastery course, anyone is free to join who has an interest in scaling their portfolio or mastering their property investment knowledge, however we do recommend our advanced course students have a solid foundation understanding of the fundamentals of property investment.