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From No Previous Experience To Commercial Property Millionaire In 12 Months

Wendy Caddis has been a property investor for 20 years.

After working as a landlord for a few years with the local council, she truly realised the benefits of AirBNB serviced accommodation when she moved to the south coast.

Following guidance from Touchstone Education she now owns a fantastic high end holiday home and does property investment mentoring in her spare time.

We spoke to Wendy about her journey…

Wendy Caddis

Serviced Accommodation Inspiration

Wendy began, “I started renovating property for profit back in 2004, and I was also a landlord for a few years working with the local council.

“It was after I moved to Brighton that I started using AirBNB and decided this was a great strategy.

“I wanted to learn more about serviced accommodation and all the other strategies after attending the Serviced Accommodation Masterclass.

“After looking at a few property education companies I found Touchstone Education.”

Wisdom Gained Through Property Education

Wendy continued, “That was back in 2018 and I have been with Touchstone ever since, learning as much as possible with all of the courses they had to offer. I also attended the Elite course with Paul and Aniko Smith as my mentors.

“I now coach for Touchstone on the Wealth Academy.”

Luxury Serviced Accommodation Minutes From The Beach

We asked Wendy about her most recent property project.

“In terms of a big project, I bought a probate property in September 2021 that I renovated specifically as a family home,” Wendy said. “It was complete with a hot tub and two minutes from the beach.

“I was very happy with the project finish and interior design. We added in a large deck, hot tub and BBQ area for more social outside space.”


In Demand Holiday Home

Wendy concluded, “The project was during Covid so we had challenges with supplies and materials being held up or not available; we had to make changes to accommodate this as we were going along.

“The cost of labour virtually doubled so we went over budget and ran over the build time.

“Following completion we now have a fantastic, popular family holiday home, created for the higher end holiday home market.”

Wendy Caddis

What Can Touchstone Education

 Do For You?

If you're inspired by Wendy's journey and would like to learn more about starting your own Serviced Accommodation portfolio, Paul Smith’s Serviced Accommodation Success Manual includes all the tools you need to start building your serviced accommodation portfolio. And, we’re giving you a copy for nothing!

Don't wait for tomorrow to build the life you've always dreamed of. Start today, and let us guide you every step of the way. Your future self will thank you.


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