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From £20,000 To A Multi-Million Pound Property Portfolio

Steven Potter has grown up with property investment, but when he took control of his parents buy-to-lets in 2019, he was unsure of direction so he turned to Touchstone Education for guidance.

Fast-forward just a few years and with minimal investment he now has multiple income streams and a £1.2 million property portfolio.

We spoke to Steven to find out more…

Steven Potter

Family Buy-To-Let Properties and Personal Dreams

Steven told us, “My family has had a number of buy-to-let (BTL) properties and I took over looking after them, as my parents wanted to step back in 2019.

“I also wanted to start building a portfolio for myself.”


Properties For £2 Using Touchstone Strategy

“My most recent project involved taking on two serviced accommodation properties in the Lake District for £2 using the Purchase Lease Option (PLO) strategy, which I learned from Touchstone.

“Being trained in what to look for I managed to target these properties, agree terms and take over the properties within two weeks.” 

Seven Properties and a £1.2M Portfolio

Steven continued, “Initially, talking about other ways of buying the properties (which weren’t easy for the vendors to take on board), meant that the first meeting didn’t go well.

“I wrote a 15-page book that looked at different strategies and how they work, and sent it to the vendors and asked for feedback, which they did with lots of questions and comments. The main questions were on Rent to Rent (R2R) and PLO and once I talked them through it, they came back to me with the idea of the PLO for the two properties.

“The end result is that my portfolio has grown from zero to seven properties, valued at £1.2m, but less than £20,000 invested. Therefore my return on investment (ROI) is in the region of 200%.

“On top of this, I have built multiple income streams through multiple companies. These include sourcing, refurbishments/maintenance/repairs, full estate agency (sales and lettings) and portfolio management/planning, BTLs and SAs.

“With the recent SSAS pension addition I’m building a legacy group of companies for the future.

“Touchstone has helped me in many ways and I’m looking forward to being financially free; and I’m almost there.”

Steven Potter

What Can Touchstone Education

Do For You?

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