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Serviced Accommodation Popularity Has Allowed My Husband To Quit His Job

Keli Pirie had six buy-to-lets and owned a large childminding business, before reaching out to Touchstone Education.

This lifestyle was proving quite stressful for Keli. However, she knew of the great advantages that property could bring.

She felt with extra guidance she could create an extremely successful life, she just needed that additional bit of information, which is when she found Paul Smith.

We spoke to Keli to find out her story…

Keli Pirie

A Stressful Life That Could Be Improved With Property Education

“I had six buy-to-let (BTL) properties and owned a large childminding business and I was completely stressed out with the amount of hours I had to work to continue childminding,” began Keli.

“Having touched in property a little I realised that there was a lot of learning I had to do… I just didn’t know how.

“I was on the treadmill one morning and watching YouTube I came across Paul Smith doing a talk on saving tax and I was hooked.”


From Buy-to-Lets To Serviced Accommodation

Working with Touchstone Education encouraged Keli to change her property strategy as she followed numerous other success stories into serviced accommodation.

Keli said, “I now have three 2-bed cottages that I’m waiting for the keys for and a 5-bed refurbishment.

“Last summer I had turned one of my BTLs into serviced accommodation and it is doing well. It makes at least x4 the amount, which is how we have bought the three cottages.”

Keli Pirie

16 Serviced Accommodation Bookings Immediately After Putting It Live

“After the tenants left it was a major clean and decoration job so we shipped all of our friends and family in and clean and decorated the house, garden, summer house and fitted a hot tub within around 4 weeks.

“The challenge was getting the furniture sourced and getting the house decorated whilst working full time. But the end result  was that I had 16 bookings within days of putting it live!

“The success of the projects have given my husband the chance to give up his manual labour job and concentrate on cleaning and maintenance.”

Scotston Villa is Keli’s 5 bedroom serviced accommodation property. You can view it on here.

Keli Pirie

What Can Touchstone Education

 Do For You?

If you're inspired by Keli's journey and would like to learn more about starting your own Serviced Accommodation portfolio, Paul Smith’s Serviced Accommodation Success Manual includes all the tools you need to start building your serviced accommodation portfolio. And, we’re giving you a copy for nothing!

Don't wait for tomorrow to build the life you've always dreamed of. Start today, and let us guide you every step of the way. Your future self will thank you.


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