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Commercial Conversion Success Has Allowed Me To Spend More Treasured Time With Family

Iurie Dontu has worked in the construction industry for 19 years and during that time saw potential for property success.

It was when he attended an event by Touchstone Education in London that he was inspired by trainers and wanted to achieve what they had achieved. He now has a portfolio of £2 million and brings in hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

We spoke to Iurie to find out more…

Iurie Dontu

Commercial Conversion Strategy and Inspiration

Iurie began, “I was a builder and working very long hours and I felt it couldn’t continue forever. I never saw my family. This is when I started searching for another way.

“It was 2019 and I joined Touchstone Education. I joined an event in London and listening to the trainers I was asking myself ‘is that really possible?’.

“I wanted to be like these guys.

“I was inspired (by the training) to change my strategy. I was doing property flipping in London and I realised that commercial property was the way to go forward, so I took on a commercial conversion.”

Touchstone Moved Me Out Of My Comfort Zone

Iurie achieved initial success through auction purchases.

He continued, “We purchased two properties at auction and we gained planning permission to turn these into residential, two to three bedroom bungalows.

“We chose a location in Staffordshire, which was unusual for me as I wouldn’t have felt comfortable investing outside of London before Touchstone.

“With the knowledge and the network it made it possible.

“We sold the bungalows and made a really good profit.”

Iurie Dontu

Wealth Generation, Fame and More Family Time Through Property

Iurie concluded, “My most recent project was a purchase lease option (PLO). It was a commercial conversion from a school to the ApartHotel.

“The serviced accommodation property is valued at £1.8-£2m.

“The hotel is my biggest success in property. We have achieved great results and it has unbelievable features. Structuring it as a PLO went well.

“We had a few commercial agents coming in who have never seen anything like it in the area.

“It brings in £140,000 net per year.

“ApartHotel has featured in local papers and it has 10*reviews on

“Property gave me more freedom, financial advantage and more time for holidays and my kids.

“My kids are following my steps.

“Anyone can be successful, you just need to follow the steps of someone that is already there. That is the easiest and the cheapest way to do it because you pay for your mistakes.”

You can watch Iurie Dontu star in the new ‘Property Investing With Abi’ YouTube episode here:

What Can Touchstone Education

 Do For You?

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