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From Interior Design Maven To Property Prosperity

Debbie's path from a skilled interior designer juggling motherhood and a stagnant business to a thriving property investor is a testament to the power of education and determination. In search of new horizons, Debbie found Touchstone Education and ignited her passion for property investment. Through strategic courses and hands-on guidance, she turned a tired 2-bed end terrace into a thriving "Rent-to-Rent" success story, unveiling a world of potential. As she continued to expand her portfolio, Debbie's transformation became undeniable.

This is what Debbie had to say...

Debbie Washington

“Before I stumbled upon Touchstone Education, my life revolved around my children and a faltering interior design business. The pandemic had cast a shadow on my involvement, leaving me hungry for a fresh opportunity. Amid this uncertainty, I discovered property investment—a realm where my design skills could take on new life.

The allure of affluence through property beckoned, and I embarked on a transformative journey. The desire to create residual income, maximise profits, and shape a better future for my family fueled my motivation.

Then came Touchstone Education, a beacon of knowledge and empowerment. Led by a fellow Yorkshirewoman, Abi Hookway, the academy offered bite-sized, tailored courses. Their focus on practical, actionable strategies aligned perfectly with my needs.

Courses like 'LTD Company Essentials,' 'Property Investing Fundamentals,' 'Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp,' and 'Rent-to-Rent Strategy' equipped me with the tools I needed. I delved into the 'Serviced Accommodation Success Manual' e-book and dived into 'Mindset Mastery,' setting the stage for my transformation.

Debbie Washington

With newfound confidence, I ventured into my first project—a tired 2-bed end terrace turned remarkable 'Rent-to-Rent' success. Cosmetic upgrades, a sprinkle of design magic, and careful planning helped me achieve a thriving space.

Yet, my journey wasn't without challenges. Slow progress in securing properties left me despondent. Still, Paul's 'Money Matters' YouTube series kept me motivated, leading me to secure my next venture. Even as I navigated the complexities of managing my property, I sought an automated approach, learning and adapting along the way.

Success Story

Today, I stand with my maiden property earning steady income and a clear path ahead. With Touchstone Education by my side, my dreams are taking shape. As I continue to expand my portfolio and master the art of property investment, I find myself poised for a future of abundance.

For those considering Touchstone courses, my message is clear: seize this opportunity. Your skills, combined with Touchstone's guidance, can unlock a world of property potential. Join the ranks of those who have transformed their lives through strategic property investment.

What's next for me? More properties, more growth, and eventually, a harmonious blend of my interior design business and property ventures. As my journey unfolds, I know that with Touchstone Education, I'm armed with the knowledge and support I need to thrive.”

Debbie Washington

What Can Touchstone Education

Do For You?

If you're inspired by Helen's journey and would like to learn more about starting your own Serviced Accommodation portfolio, Paul Smith’s Serviced Accommodation Success Manual includes all the tools you need to start building your serviced accommodation portfolio. And, we’re giving you a copy for nothing!

Don't wait for tomorrow to build the life you've always dreamed of. Start today, and let us guide you every step of the way. Your future self will thank you.


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