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From Struggling Business Venture To Multiple Income Streams Through Property

Business owner Alan Jaques had tried property investing prior to Touchstone Education, but his Buy To Let Investments were struggling. He also had a serviced accommodation cleaning business, but this was also proving difficult to run and led to many sleepless nights.

Following a weekend event with Paul Smith and the team at Touchstone, Alan’s property visions were completely transformed and following multiple projects he has reborn his lifestyle and earnings through property.

We spoke to Alan to find out more…

Alan Jaques

Business Nightmare To Property Dreams

“We had a few buy to let properties that were underperforming and we didn’t know where to head next in property,” Alan said.

“I also had a serviced accommodation cleaning business which was an absolute nightmare to run, and also wasn’t making any money.

“I had seen a Facebook post about Paul Smith from Touchstone Education and I went to a weekend event in London. I had the opportunity to chat to Paul and realised what other ways of making money there was and how I could make better use of my time in business.”


Serviced Accommodation Management Business

“Within a few months I had turned the holiday home cleaning business into a serviced accommodation management business, and the buy to lets we started to have them managed for us.

Alan had previously told us that the income he had earned through property meant that he was close to being able to afford early retirement.

Having converted his family home into a serviced accommodation unit and sold, he then invested straight into a number of Rent To Buy and serviced accommodation units. Alan’s serviced accommodation units in the Peak District alone, earned £9,300 profit from the first two months of trading.

A Refurbishment Project For Ourselves

“Our most recent ongoing project is a house for ourselves. It is a huge project and there is no way we could have even considered buying a project like this without the support of the  Touchstone Education community.

“We have six weeks left on the refurbishment and it has been great to be involved on a daily basis. We are living in the project whilst the work is being completed and this can be challenging for us and our two boys as there can be a lot of dust and upheaval to contend with. 

“The end is in sight now and it will be well worth it. We will then refinance in May to take all the money out ready for our next project, which we plan to be a commercial to residential conversion in the local area.”

Alan Jaques

What Can Touchstone Education

 Do For You?

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