What are the guidelines for the Touchstone Education online communities?

This article will brief clients on the community guidelines we have in place to ensure the online network communities remain positive and focused on their purpose.

To ensure the best experience for Touchstone Education online communities, we have adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Deal Sourcing: Unfortunately we cannot allow deal sourcers to post or advertise in our group. This is so that we can ensure sourcers in our group have insurance and are fully legitimate. Redmayne Smith are our Deal Sourcers who are fully compliant.
  2. Questions: We LOVE property questions. Please try to use hashtags to tag in a relevant subject so that our Mentors can find your posts easily to assist. If you would like to contribute to a question in the community please feel free to collaborate!
  3. Negativity: Any direct negativity/bullying to any members of our community will be highlighted and the member will be banned from the group. We strive for a positive and helpful environment where everyone feels safe and valued!
  4. Promotion: We do not allow for the promotion of other property education within our community simply as we cannot confirm the training is legitimate or accurate.