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The Best Expert Property Investing Books


Property investing books are fantastic place to get any property journey started.

This list provides a guide to best property books on the market, from specialist property books to real estates guides that investors can use to benefit them on their journey.

All the books are aimed at beginner or intermediate property investors and provide plenty of tips and strategies to conquer the property market.

What types of books are useful to property investors?

Property investors may find many kind of books useful, from those tailored to their niches to general investment guides.

These books include:

Personal finance books: To help with saving money, budgeting, how to get out of debt, saving tax, dividend investing

Investing with confidence: Stocks and shares, bond investing, commodities, behavioural investing, investing psychology

Money motivation: Financial independence, money mindset, get rich quick, invest in yourself, investing for teens, investing for students

Asset classes: Cryptocurrency, gold and silver

Financial planning: Portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, asset allocation, risk management

Finance industries: Investment banking, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, financial analysis

Real estate and real assets: Investing in property, investing in land, mortgage guides

The bigger picture: Business, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, management, consulting

Tax and accounting: Financial accounting, corporate tax, internal and external audit, forensic accounting, money laundering, financial management, valuation

Trading: Day trading, forex trading, technical analysis, quantitative analysis, futures trading

Advanced finance: Derivatives, structured products, options trading, alternative investing, corporate finance, project finance

The best property books for investors


Flip Or Flop: The Ultimate Guide To Property Flipping


Flip or Flop

Flip Or Flop: The Ultimate Guide To Property Flipping is currently Amazon’s number 1 best-selling property book.

More than one million homes have been flipped in the UK in the last three years, often increasing the property’s value by 20-40%. By following the rules and working efficiently, a property investor could make up to £50,000 per flip – more than the average UK salary.

In this book, author Abi Hookway explains:

  • How to formulate an effective property flipping strategy to achieve your investment goals
  • Everything you need to know about financial your investments
  • An exact step-by-step research process to choose and obtain the best properties
  • How to manage the flips
  • How to add maximum value to the property
  • How to create an exit strategy and generate real wealth

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Wealth Through Property

wealth through property

Wealth Through Property is an indispensable guide for the modern property investor. It provides tried and tested tactics and strategies specifically engineered towards taking advantage of the current property market.

In the book, Paul explains:

  • How to start a property business and dramatically scale an existing one
  • How to quit your average 9-5 job in a matter of months by creating additional income streams
  • How to create lasting Wealth Through Property to be passed down to future generations
  • The TEN life lessons people often leave way too late
  • The classic mistakes uneducated property investors make, and how to avoid them

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The Serviced Accommodation Manual

Serviced accommodation success maual



The Serviced Accommodation Manual is just that. Take normal property, make very few changes and earn massive amounts of money.

Using Paul Smith’s incredibly profitable Serviced Accommodation strategy, you can quickly achieve financial freedom and never work again. By using these strategy you can take normal property and achieve life-changing results.

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Profit From Property You Do Not Own
Profit from property that you do not own

Over the last two and a half years, Abi and Gordie have shown that you don’t need a lot of time or money to build a successful property business. You just need the drive and determination to succeed.

This book shows people what is possible in a short space of time.

The strategy they use is not so complicated. Abi and Gordie have trained hundreds of people on the strategy and have seen loads of people leave their jobs, and start to live life on their own terms.

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Flip or Flop: The Ultimate Guide to Property Flipping

In this amazon best-selling step by step guide, Abi Hookway teaches you everything from formulating an effective property flip strategy, to preparing the perfect exit strategy to generate maximum returns in as little as 6 months. 

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flip or flop book-1

Wealth Through Property Book

Paul Smith's Wealth Through Property is an essential guide for modern investors. Providing tried and tested tactics to make the most of today's property market, this book provides key information about how you can manage your own time, be your own boss and keep more of what you earn.

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wtp book

Serviced Accommodation Success Manual

Paul Smith’s “how to” guide designed to support you as you navigate the world of serviced accommodation. This popular serviced accommodation book will teach you how to source properties, and where to market your business, as well as the best practices for running a successful serviced accommodation business through platforms like and Airbnb.

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sa manual

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